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Plan B Success

Greetings and Welcome to Plan B Success!

Rajeev Mudumba here. 

I’m the founder & host of Plan B Success, a podcast that provides you with thought-provoking and intriguing business and personal growth content and where I also interview inspiring change-makers who succeeded with a Plan B, to help YOU on your Entrepreneurial journey! Learn from these inspiring stories and actionable success habits of the brightest business minds, world-class athletes, and influencers.

If you are tired of where you are in life, career or business, have tried and failed, do not enjoy what you do now and want to spend time doing what you most love and also get paid, then, you are in the best place here. My goal with Plan B Success is to provide you inspiration, knowledge, and strategies to help you reach your goals, be it with your career, business or life. Learn what you Need to Take Control of Your Life, and Fulfill Your Vision of Success!

My journey has also been filled with troughs and peaks and my goal is to help you and others like you get what you want the most from life.

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Be the change-maker in your life and of your loved ones and go, Blaze your Trail!

Apr 1, 2020

No one thinks much about a crisis until faced with it. And it is in such times, that the true mettle of leadership is tested. It is better to be proactive and prepared before a crisis strikes; to think through the impact it can have on you, your family, your business, employees, and customers. Having a robust...

Mar 30, 2020

The current crisis has seen dine-in restaurants to be significantly impaired. Many traditional restaurants that are now closed may not reopen. Social distancing could accelerate previous declines in the sector as consumers come to rely more on delivery and pick up.

Peter & Cordia Kitchens have been working on ghost...

Mar 27, 2020

Managing remotely or for that matter, performing as a part of a remote team or workforce is complex and challenging. Yet, it comes with its own pros as to being creative and innovative, in your zone, self-reliant and focused while also having the luxury of a flexible schedule to create an optimum and individual...

Mar 24, 2020

In the absence of a vaccine or herd immunity, social distancing is our only friend as we work together to flatten the curve while battling a highly contagious pandemic. To understand the WHAT, WHY & HOW, we need to understand the underlying science of it.

Let's listen in to understand how best we can stack up...

Mar 23, 2020

As a Tony Robbins Results Coach, Nick Davies changes lives on a daily basis! His passion is to guide his clients to the strengths they have inside and create lasting transformation in their internal and external lives!

Nick pulls from his deep business and life experiences to approach any situation and get...